Production Package

The production package is all about ‘Achieving your Musical Vision’.  Now what exactly does that mean? It means achieving the idealized version of your art.  At the core of it there are two ways of approaching a recording. You can ‘capture a moment’ or you can ‘achieve a vision’.  ‘Capturing a moment’ is really just a live recording. We set the band/artist up, dial in some nice tones and then let them do their thing while we ‘capture the moment’.  The band/artist is going to be exactly what they are at that given time, flaws and all, which is why we refer to it as ‘capturing a moment’. There’s a certain magic to this approach when it turns out well but there are also inherent limitations and it can be tricky to get the magical ‘perfect’ take.

The flip side to ‘capturing the moment’ is ‘achieving a vision’.  Achieving a vision is about getting everything just right and not being limited by what’s possible in a single take.  This means taking the time to get everything as good as it possibly can be. Rather than trying to capture everything all at once we give attention to each instrument, tone, part, and performance to make sure that the ‘vision’ is achieved.  It’s virtually impossible to sing a song perfectly in one take but if you pick through several good takes it’s easy to find a great version of every phrase that flow together to make the ‘perfect’ performance. Likewise it’s hard to dial in your amps, pedals, instruments to a point where you can have the best possible tone for every part you’re going to play in a song in a live situation.  There are sacrifices that have to be made to allow for all of the possibilities.  

When we’re trying to ‘achieve a vision’ we can focus on each part individually and dial in the best tone for each part.  Sometimes this means using different settings on the same setup and other times it means trying completely different amps, guitars, drums, mics, etc.  These are all things you can’t easily do in a live situation but that are possible in a production setting. Likewise, we’re able to take advantage of techniques such as doubling to create unique effects and dynamics that are not possible in a live setting.  By utilizing all of these techniques we are able to create a recording that does justice to the artists vision and where everything is as good as it possibly can.

The biggest key to being able to ‘achieve a vision’ is having the time to try different things and do enough takes to get it right.  This can become tricky in the studio given that you’re on the clock and most musicians are not filthy rich. We designed the production package to try to address this issue.  The package deal is charged as a flat rate per song and we guarantee completion*. This works well for the artist as they know exactly what they’re getting into pricewise and it works well for us as we have the time we need to get things right. 

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